泡沫清潔劑 Cleaner Shampoo Foam Cleaner Cleaner Shampoo


嘖霧裝: 150 ml
適用範圍:適用於光面皮革、磨砂皮、絨皮、麂皮、Gore tex、布料紡織品等各式材質

注意: 此商品不能寄香港以外地區


Spray: 150 ml

Origin: Spain 

Scope of Application: Smooth leather, nubuck, suede, velour leather,  Gore-Tex , textiles and other materials.

Note: This product cannot be shipped outside Hong Kong



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  1. 保養步驟前先將皮革以馬毛除塵刷除去表面灰塵,
  2. 搖勻後,直接噴洒在乾淨白布或清潔擦上進行需要清潔的部位(一次不用噴太多),將髒污泡沫用布或擦拭乾淨,待乾即可。



  1. 使用前,請先在皮革製品不明顯的地方上試驗是否適用。
  2. 放置在避免讓兒童接觸到的地方。
  3. 如有產品使用上問題歡迎來電洽詢。
  4. 如不慎接觸到眼睛,請立即沖水並馬上就醫。
  5. 本產品不可食用,並置於兒童無法拿取之處及陰涼處保存。



Deep cleansing, the dense foam mousse can quickly clean any tenacious dirt , with excellent effect when used on moldy leather and cloth materials. It will not damage the material after use, nor will it change the original colour, lustre and texture of the material.


How to use :

  1. Use horsehair brush to clear the dust in the surface. Ensure to remove gravel as it might cause scratching of the leather during the wiping action.
  2. Shake well before use.Spray directly on the area to be cleaned with an appropriate amount. Wipe the foam with a cloth and leave it to dry.



  1. Test in a small, inconspicuous area first
  2. If you have any questions about the use of the product, please call us.
  3. If you accidentally come into contact with your eyes, please rinse immediately and seek medical attention immediately.
  4. This product is not edible and should be stored in a cool place where children cannot reach it.



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